Lettering in full color



Lettering in full color: Modern calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Children, Youth & Beginners

Hello friends! My name is Lois Gago and I am a primary school teacher in the first grades.
I love creative writing, creating digital illustrations and most of all teaching.

You have in your hands the book you longed for so much. Now «Lettering in full color». Enjoy hand lettering and modern calligraphy with this fantastic 150-page book full of ideas, alphabets, projects… in full color so you can enjoy your hobby twice as much.

lettering book for beginners
lettering book for beginners

This book is designed for boys and girls, young people or beginners who start from scratch or with basic notions who want to expand their knowledge.
With this book you will save yourself months of study and research in the world of creative Lettering and you will avoid making the typical beginner mistakes.

lettering book for beginners
lettering book for beginners

I teach you in a clear and precise way all the basic principles that you have to know about the world of beautiful letters and I propose you practical exercises step by step so that you learn in a very fun way.

lettering book for kids
lettering book for kids
lettering for kids in amazon
lettering for kids in amazon

This book includes 150 full color pages with:

  • Lettering theory
  • Materials
  • Basic Strokes
  • Different styles of alphabets with sheets to practice word practice how to make banners
  • Decorate your diary, streamers, washi tapes, decorative crowns…
  • Lettering compositions filler words fancy letters
  • Doodles and thematic illustrations
  • 5 lettering projects
  • etc.

Main features:

  • Format 8’5 x 11 (approximately A4)
  • Soft cover and color cover
  • inside one color
  • 150 pages

With this new book by Lois Gago, you’ll learn how to hand-letter like an expert. You will ensure months of study and preparation in the world of beautiful letters. If you give it to your son or daughter during their holidays, they will be entertained and you will keep them away from technology. Do not hesitate, give creativity, give hope.


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